Galop Trans* Advocacy Worker at CliniQ.

Available on the last Wednesday of the month 5:30-7:30.

As Galop’s Trans* Advocacy Worker Serge can offer confidential advice and casework support to
London based trans* people experiencing hate crime and transphobic discrimination. Serge can also
provide wider information and a link to the Galop team which has specialist highly experienced
workers supporting LGBT people facing hate crime, domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Galop London’s anti-violence and abuse charity provides advice and support to people who have experienced transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, sexual violence or domestic abuse.

Walk in and appointment  available with Serge on the last Wednesday of the month at CliniQ. 
Serge can offer one off advice and or continuing individual advocacy. Serge can offer to advocate for 
you, acting on your behalf and in your interest. 
As Galop’s Trans* Advocacy Worker Serge can offer confidential advice and casework support to 
London based trans* people experiencing hate crime and transphobic discrimination. Serge can also 
provide wider information and a link to the Galop team which has specialist highly experienced 
workers supporting LGBT people facing hate crime, domestic abuse and sexual violence. Galop can 
also offer advice on the law and how the police work. Galop can offer help in reporting or getting 
what you need from the police and other agencies. 
Galop can be contacted throughout the week via our telephone advice line or online: 
020 7704 2040 
The Galop website has an online report form and a lot of useful information.  
Serge is also available at Galop part-time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. 
Galop Office contact number: 020 7704 6767. 
Galop making life safe, just and fair for LGBT people. 

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