Bangkok TRANSIT Consultation- Trans People & HIV


Trans people are frequently overlooked in UK and global responses to HIV, despite trans women in many parts of the globe facing a 49% higher likelihood of infection; twice as likely as men who have sex with men. Many national programs do not include trans people, or fail to describe us as being a distinct population.

However, there is a growing network of trans activists, clinicians and researchers in a number of countries who are working tirelessly to change the conversation around trans people and HIV; cliniQ are proud to be a part of that network and in July were lucky enough to attend a consultation in Bangkok in order to contribute to TRANSIT (the Trans Implementation Tool).  TRANSIT is a practical guide to implementing the policies outlined in Transgender People and HIV,  published by WHO (the World Health Organization). The meeting was also supported by USAID, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the International Reference Group on Trans* and Gender Variant and HIV/AIDS Issues (IRGT).