5 May Wellbeing Day

CliniQ  Wellbeing May Day 

Saturday May 5th open from 11:30am-6pm

Venue: St.Anne’s Community Hall 55 Dean Street Soho W1D 6AF

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CliniQ invite our service users and trans+ community members to join us to spring into creativity, try out new experiences, share group work with peers, learn with our team of trans+ & non-binary practitioners in an afternoon of workshops exploring:


Laughter Yoga

Body Based Mindfulness

Artistic Expression

Creative Movement.

Plus a join us for a free afternoon tea and resilience talk, round the table with our new patron Mzz.Kimberley.

Workshops to choose from….
red pic12-2pm Outbox/Inbox – a Writing Workshop for all.
Facilitated by Laura Bridgeman.

Bring your stories and your dreams. Bring your lives – bits of them – all of them!   Bring a favourite photo, a piece of clothing, a track of music, or an object that you can tell us about. Let’s share stories!  Let’s shake up gender! Let’s write some stuff!

Laura teaches creative writing in universities and prisons.  They work with People with and without writing experience.  They run Hotpencil Press publishing The (Trans) Mangina Monologues.  Laura also wrote about her mum’s Alzheimer’s in the Kindle project – How Was The Party.

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1-2pm Laughing Matters with De Castro, Master of Creative Intelligence.

Join our laughter filled group and experience the joys and mental and physical benefits of laughter.  This workshop is inspired by breathing techniques used in yoga. Laughter removes stress, builds confidence, removes cynicism and increases enthusiasm.  We could all probably do with some of this laughter therapy?

De Castro has been described as ‘a genius clown who is like Buster Keaton, holding that beautiful balance between complete and utter fragility and complete power’ Due South Magazine.

More about De Castro’s work here: www.thewhynotenterprise.com and www.contemporaryclowningprojects.com

Participants will stand, sit, move around and lay down on the floor.  We can supply some yoga mats to lie on, but please bring a yoga mat or blanket if you can.  People of all physical abilities can be accommodated.

mer pic2.jpg

2:30-3:20 Body Based Mindfulness with Meredith Reynolds. 

Explore with curiosity and joy a breathwork and body-based mindfulness session led by Meredith, who is a somatic sex educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker, working with people who may want to expand their capacity for pleasure. Learn breath techniques that bring awareness to the present moment, and that allow for a gentle self-practice exploration of the inner sensations of the body.  Learn techniques and skills you can take away and integrate into your life.

The World Health Organisation defines sexual health as “…a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity.” (WHO, 2006a)

Meredith’s work is absolutely aligned with this wellbeing-focused definition.
Chair based, solo breath focused work, we will supply yoga mats if you prefer to sit on the floor.       http://www.meredith-reynolds.com/

oct pic3:30-4:30 Artistic expression workshop
with Octavian Star.

A journey of materials and thoughts.
A station will be set up for participants to explore a few different mediums to express themselves on the topics of self-love and self-care.

Facilitated by Octavian Star, a multi-media community artist. Octavian has a passion to share creativity with others and to use it to work with diverse communities.
As a member of the trans community he is very excited to be part of our wellbeing day.  Materials supplied.

 2:30-4pm Creative Movement Workshop
with performance artist/dance practitioner Mickel Smithen aka Ebony Rose Dark.

Mickel is currently Artist in Residence at Bar Wotever at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Mickel will draw on their experience of sharing the Amici Dance Theatre’s inclusive dance approach and applying this to our trans and non-binary community, of all physical abilities.  You may have little experience of dance expression as your trans and non-binary selves, or you may just really want to dance.  Participants may have never danced or felt comfortable or safe to share expression in creative movement. In this workshop absolutely everyone has something to offer, and each person brings their unique qualities to incorporate into the dance.  All abilities welcome.

Fully accessible venue.  Personal Assistants welcome.  Changing room space, arrive early.

kim pic4:30-5:50. Free Afternoon Tea get- together

Round The Table, Afternoon Tea & Resilience with our new patron Mzz.Kimberley & the cliniQ team.  Round the table conversation, on self-care tips and wellbeing resourcefulness.  With vegan and vegetarian/gluten free options.

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