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cliniQ’s yoga instructor Gosia is offering two free online yoga classes a week for people of all abilities. The classes are being offered over Zoom which you can download for free here:

Trans* & queer inclusive yoga – Whatever your body type, size or shape; cliniQ Yoga is a safe, non-judgemental space for trans* people, partners, friends and family to explore ways to feel more relaxed, be stronger and get fitter.

Please don’t drink just before class and leave a couple of hours after eating a light meal/four hours after eating a heavy meal.

Please wear clothes that are loose/comfy to move in – No experience necessary, and postures will be modified to suit your needs. All levels are welcome to the classes.   Please fill the health questionnaire form beforehand and send it to Gosia at: gosiaxiskra@gmail.comYoga Health questionnaire

Monday at 7pm, dynamic, movement based

Online Hatha Yoga class:

This class invites students to familiarise or delve deeper into Yoga practice building confidence in their body through precision of movement, global and individual alignment and expanding their consciousness through awareness and steadiness of breath. You will be encouraged to observe your body and mind and allow the inner sensitivity and understanding to bloom.  This class is deeply inspired by the work of BKS Iyengar who formulated a type of yoga that incorporates both the dynamic, restorative and therapeutic aspects of Yoga. You will find in her class a fine balance between vitality and grounding, power and surrender. 

People of all abilities are welcome.
Meeting ID: 883 9587 4609
Passcode: 786735

Friday at 7pm, slow and recharging

Online Restore and Breath class:

The class comprises poses and breathing practices designed to restore the nervous system and bodily functions to a balanced state. Poses are held for longer to stimulate their therapeutic effect. This form of yoga requires the use of props as they help to support and embrace the body into relaxation. Please have handy: blankets, sturdy pillows, books, scarfs, chairs…be creative. The class will finish with classical Hatha yoga breathing technique.

People of all abilities are welcome.
Meeting ID: 889 1499 4829
Passcode: 016870

About Gosia – Gosia started her journey with yoga to deal with an anxiety and abandonment issues. She begin around 12 years ago in London, slowly progressing from being a student to taking a leap into becoming a yoga instructor. Throughout that period of time she had has studied with various acclaimed teachers, such as J. Hanson- Lasater, U. Dismor-Tuli, Sharat Arora, both in India and in London.  Based on these experiences she developed her teaching that draws influences from classical Hatha, Iyengar and restorative yoga practices. For the last three years she has been teaching yoga to homeless people in Crisis and providing open and private classes to general public.  Her deep intention is to take her teaching into the therapeutic field making the practice and teaching more specific; to assist students/ clients dealing with ailments, disorders and recovery.  She is  confident to assist and support those who are ready to further their practice or simply need more of a challenge.

Gosia carries and offers a vision of yoga as a global space of diversity, a living and growing form, a respectful and responsible matrix in a multitude of ways of experiencing and expressing the wisdom of yoga and life itself.

About the classes – Gosia’s classes are eclectic in style and offer an unique blend of bodily workout and spiritual grounding.  Her deepest intention is for her students to experience the class in a holistic manner; to stretch and strengthen the body and to renew and relax profoundly, providing hands on adjustments only if needed and wanted.  She put her attention on correct alignment and prevention of injuries over speed and competitive achievement.  She encourages students to embodied the pose while staying present to the breath, rather then forcing it upon oneself.  She looks into building empowering and supportive environment where the students can simply be themselves.  In the end we are all teachers to one another.

Please fill the health questionnaire form beforehand and send it to Gosia at:   Yoga Health questionnaire

For all of the South East Londoner’s out there, our friends at TAGS also offer swimming sessions for trans* and gender-nonconforming people – CLICK HERE FOR INFO