Our services are moving!

To all our users at 56 Dean Street


Vince Turner, Sarah Phillips and Victoria G at King’s College Hospital

From today (15th July 2019) cliniQ will no longer be providing any services at 56 Dean Street. 
We will of course be continuing to provide  our range of services at Kings College Hospital and at the Helios Centre in Kings Cross. Over the next couple of weeks the specific 56 Dean Street services for cliniQ will be moved to one of our other centres. 
 The Directors of cliniQ want to assure all of our existing service users and any new service users that we will continue to build our services at our two centres and that we will continue to embed and broaden  the services we provide and that they will be always be trans developed and trans delivered.
We wish to thank 56 Dean Street for their support over the last seven years, they have been invaluable on our journey and we wish them  positivity for any services they may go on to develop for the Trans community in the Wednesday evening slot.
Our community always comes first and cliniQ is always where our community is. 
The Directors of cliniQ