F A Q’s

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will one of the nurses do my hormone injection for me?

Yes – if you don’t like to self-inject, and you can provide proof of prescription & photo ID, our nurses can help you with your injections. Drop in and see us on a Tuesday at our King’s College Hospital clinic.

  • Do you prescribe hormones, or referrals for surgery?

cliniQ is not a Gender Identity Clinic. We don’t provide hormones, hormone prescriptions or referrals for surgeons but we can support people in their transition in a number of ways. Our counselling team are experienced in helping trans* people explore their identities, and relationships, and our advice team can offer help around a range of issues, from hate crime, and sexual assault, to alcohol and substance use.

  • I’m not sexually active. How would cliniQ be useful to me?

We are much more than a sexual health clinic. We are a welcoming, drop-in space for the trans* communities. We offer free counselling, advice and support services and can advise on a range of wider well-being issues not related to sexual health.

  • I take hormones from the internet – Is there a way to do this safely?

cliniQ is non-judgmental service; as well as advice, we can provide liver function tests, which can help alert us to problems caused by hormone usage.

  • I’m not transexual/transgender/trans, I am… /I haven’t started transitioning/no-one knows I’m trans*, is cliniQ for me?

cliniQ is a queer inclusive, trans* space. We don’t decide who is ‘trans enough’ to use our service – if you feel marginalised by gendered spaces, mainstream sexual health clinics, or by only being offered the ‘M’ box, or the ‘F’ box, cliniQ might just be the service for you. All of our services (including counselling and advice) are also available to partners, friends and family of trans* people too.

  • I’m a trans guy/genderqueer/non-binary person, can I get a cervical smear at cliniQ?

Yes! We offer cervical smears to anyone with a cervix.