About Us

We are a team of friendly and open health & well-being professionals who are trans and cis gender.  We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of trans people, their partners, family and friends.

Our aim is to offer a queer inclusive and non-judgemental holistic well-being and sexual health service to trans clients, members of the trans community, their friends and families.  A service which enhances clients’ physical and mental health, respects clients’ differing lifestyles, way of presenting and chosen pronouns, and a service which supports and empowers clients in their journey through life.

The following two videos are testimonies from trans, non-binary and queer people who have used our service and those who support us.  The videos are made by trans, non-binary and queer people.

cliniQ Community Interest Company is a trans led not for profit organisation.  We have a award winning partnership between 56 Dean St, The Chelsea & Westminister Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London Friend and other trans inclusive third sector organisations.

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