Please help CliniQ to raise funds to sustain, develop and grow our service to the

Trans and Gender Diverse communities, which have been disproportionately impacted by lockdown and the COVID-19 situation.

 We are now supporting Trans and Gender Diverse people across the UK and demand for our services is ever increasing.

cliniQ is an award-winning, voluntary organisation run by a dedicated team of professional counsellors, psychotherapists and support workers who happen to be trans and provide a range of services pro bono.

cliniQ wellbeing services offer a safe and appropriate environment providing counselling, mentoring, social work, and support for housing, employment and benefits to trans people who are frequently excluded from mainstream services.

£5, £10, £15 or more would contribute towards providing counselling sessions.

£10 would contribute to a yoga session.

£20 or more would cover costs for a support services.