A brief history of cliniQ

In 2010 Michelle Ross, Milo and Graham Reed began meeting to discuss ideas for a trans health space.  The following year they then started talks with Martin and others in London and began meeting to discuss setting up a sexual health service specifically for the trans and non-binary communities.  More organisations including London Friend, Antidote, and GALOP, joined and the ground-breaking idea developed into setting up a broader, holistic well-being clinic for trans and non-binary people and their family and friends.

In 2011 Project Q carried out a survey amongst young trans people to assess the need for a trans only clinic. More than a quarter had experienced biphobia, transphobia or homophobia at a clinic and another quarter had had their gender identity disrespected.

In January 2012, training for cliniQ team began, which encouraged staff to look at their own ideas about gender, to use appropriate terminology, to learn about the implications of surgery or hormones on sexual health, and which gave then a grounding in the laws and issues which might affect them and trans clients. cliniQ opened  on 15 February 2012. cliniQ is in parnership with King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.