Health & Wellbeing

Counselling – We have a team of qualified counsellors who can provide therapeutic support for individuals, couples, relationships.  We also have group therapy.  Our service is as flexible and responsive to your needs and schedule as possible.  If you’d like to know more, or would like to arrange your first visit, please come into see us at King’s College Hospital clinic and we’ll go from there.  We also have a counselling venue in the St Pancras area.

Alcohol & Substance Use – Our team is experienced in helping people to manage their alcohol and substance use, in a way that’s appropriate for the individual.  We don’t judge people for using substances or alcohol, we simply work with them achieve their goals, whether that is a reduction use, or giving up entirely.

Health, Fitness & Nutrition – Getting the right advice, or knowing which online sources to trust when it comes to staying healthy and eating well can be tricky.  Our team have experience in health, fitness and nutrition and can easily help you with staying on track and feeling good.