‘Unsung Heroes’ of queer London


Aedan Wolton Michelle Ross (Centre)

QX Magazine recently asked “some of the most admired, well-known activist names within London’s LGBT+ community: who do you admire, who is not known, and deserves recognition?”

Monty Moncrieff, CEO of London Friend was kind enough to name two people from team Q! Huge thanks, Monty. Here’s what he had to say about the team:

“Michelle Ross & Aedan Wolton. Michelle and Aedan run CliniQ, the trans sexual health partnership at 56 Dean Street. Both are independent of Dean Street and volunteer with CliniQ, doing massive amounts of external community engagement and training to raise awareness of sexual health needs amongst trans and non-binary people. CliniQ’s approach is renowned as innovative and Aedan has written about his involvement before in a piece for The Guardian.”

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