cliniQ @ King’s South London

Our CliniQ Tuesday service with King’s College Hospital is by appointment only

We are currently running face-to-face service, with appointments available for people with symptoms and those needing cervical smears, hormone injections and hormone blood tests.

To book an appointment email: 

Please attend the clinic at least 10 minutes before your appointment time. If you are late for your appointment we may not be able to see you. Please wear a face covering when you come for your appointment.

kings caldecot reception

CliniQ’s Tuesday service is at the Caldecot Centre, King’s College Hospital, 15-22 Caldecot Road, London, SE5 9RS. We are open every Tuesday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

When you arrive for your appointment, please take a moment to register with the receptionist and take a seat in the waiting area.  We are a team of trans and trans friendly professionals who will come and speak with you about your appointment, and help you with any questions you might have.

Our services include:

  • Sexual health services and HIV testing
  • PrEP available for Trans and Non-Binary people at our service on the NHS
  • PEP – Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (Emergency HIV Medication)
  • Hormone level tests
  • Hormone injections (with ID and proof of prescription)
  • Liver function tests (important for monitoring the impact of hormone therapy)
  • Hepatitis B testing and vaccination
  • Cervical smear testing (for anyone over 25 with a cervix)
  • Drug & alcohol counselling/support
  • Housing Advice
  • Sexual assault & hate crime support and on-going case work (Via Galop)
  • Health Adviser support & non-statutory social work
  • Acupuncture


Clinic Times:  Tuesdays 4.00pm to 7.00pm

Place: Ground floor, Caldecot Centre, 15-22 Caldecot Road, London, SE5 9RS

How to find us: map of the building showing location of cliniQ within the Caldecot clinic

kings map and opening times

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